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ReclaimTime is attention-saving software
for analyzing internet usage & restricting online time leaks...
so you can redirect team energy to where it matters most.

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Reclaim Time. Reclaim Attention.
Reclaim The Power Of Happy, Healthy, & Focused Minds.

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What Do Your Employees Really Do When They Get Online?

Is your team more distracted & disconnected than ever?
Are you seeing decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and declining results?
Low morale and a sensethat some folks just aren’t engaged with the work?
Do employees seem helpless to improve screen time habits (even when they want to)?

Bottom line? The human brain isn’t built to resist the constant onslaught of email, Facebook, YouTube, and other technologies designed to swallow attention whole. And as more organizations go remote, it’s an issue none of us can afford to ignore.

Today’s Teams Are Facing A CRISIS Of Distraction And Fleeting Attention

It isn’t anyone’s “fault.” But online distraction has devastating effects on business…

A survey of nearly 2,000 UK office workers found most only got 3 hours of ACTUAL work done per day
Udemy Research reports 70% of workers feel distracted (and 16% are ALMOST ALWAYS UNFOCUSED)
They also discovered the average employee is distracted 56 times a day… And just “recovering” from disruptions takes up 2 hours a day
Many experts believe distractions cost US companies $650 billion a year!
Inability to focus creates increased stress, lower morale, and burnout as employees struggle to keep up...
Even 3-second distractions can DOUBLE a worker’s error rate in some cases leading to tragic workplace accidents...

Imagine A Hyper-Focused Team In This Current Business Environment...

The latest technologies for taking attention back can change EVERYTHING. And these changes can be automatic! You’ll start seeing...

Healthier, happier workers who feel in control of their days again...
Healthier, happier workers with a growing sense of team connection and deeper engagement with the work... who feel in control of their days again...
Saved time, saved money, and even revenue growth as things get done faster than ever…
Decreases in accidents, errors, and costly mistakes...
A wealth of data about where people really spend their time (so you can make informed improvements that rocket your company towards its goals)...

ReclaimTime’s Team Software Puts Office Productivity On Autopilot!

Our powerful multi-tool workplace app provides employers a variety of options for keeping the team on track, in-office and at home. With just the push of a button, you can:

See Exactly Where The Time Goes

With Detailed Full-Color Reports!

Spot Trends And The Impact Of Company Changes

Back Up Decisions With Hard, Insight-Rich Data

Block, Limit, or Restrict Distraction Pitfalls

Completely Remove Willpower From The Equation

Empower Workers To Build Better Work Habits

By Giving THEM The Tools To Regain Control

Encourage Better Email Management Company-Wide

Freedom From The Inbox Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Set Up Work Sprints For Massive Action Together

You’ll Break Records In Moving The Line

Improve Productivity Even When Working Remote

Set Your Employees Up To Win From Home

Make Getting Rest A Mandatory Part Of The Job

To Reduce Burnout And Unleash Creative Output

Plus YOU Decide Who’s In Control

Every company culture is different. So whether it’s a question of privacy, autonomy, or just your specific organizational structure and chain of command, ReclaimTime allows every client to decide who controls these tools.

Give every individual the ability to “manage their own mind better.”

Provide team leaders everything they need to keep the crew on track.

Set organization-wide parameters you can manage from one central location.

Easy-To-Use Tech: Just Turn On For Instant Increases In Work Performance

ReclaimTime is tech-intelligent... so you don’t have to be.

Designed for all levels of computer proficiency, the software can be set up on any device with a simple download. Activate and select a few simple “rules” to block, limit, or monitor distractions as you see fit.

With our most powerful features, users report INSTANT improvements in the way they work!

Plus you get full-time access to on-demand tech support. So anytime you’re unsure about how to make ReclaimTime do what you want, call or message our team for personalized help.

Gain Practical Insight WITHOUT Invading Employee Privacy

Most employees have no problem with monitoring as long as you let them know and tell them why. However, we understand privacy can be a concern...
ReclaimTime software only records the level of detail you specify.
For example, collect stats on website or document usage without recording titles, or you record a higher level of detail when necessary. Collect data on specific pages of a website while ignoring others. Gain insights on the use of important “Business Tools” while allowing tracking-free use of non-business tools. Use the “scheduler” to shut off monitoring when employees are at home (even if they work in different time zones).
You can even just hand over these productivity tools as a job perk to help employees control their own digital habits.

ReclaimTime Is Fully-Customizable To Suit Your Needs

What do you want this software to do? Our goal is to provide the most flexible team productivity tool on the market. We’re currently helping a Fortune 100 company and several top universities adapt the tool for their own research needs - and we can do the same for you!
From the varying levels of restriction (so you can decide how “off limits” to make any specific website or app)…to various daytime schedules when monitoring remote teams… we’ve done our best to leave no stone unturned.
Plus our dedicated support team is never more than a phone call away. Let us help your firm adapt ReclaimTime to whatever you want to accomplish in your organization.
White-Labeling Available! Want to rebrand our software to package with your own services or to put your mark on it in-house? Reach out to discuss white-label options today.

These Tools Have A Track Record Of Quantifiable Results!

We conducted random interviews of 1000 users who’ve used our software to block out distractions and get more focused. What we found is this:

18% saved 1 to 2 hours per day...

24% saved 2 to 3 hours per day...

22% saved 3 to 4 hours per day…

24% saved 5 hours per day or MORE…

Let’s be conservative. At $30 per hour and saving a very reasonable 3 hours every day…this adds up to $22,500 per year per employee! Or $225,000 for a team of 10!

PLUS the competitive advantage that is pure, unfiltered focus on company objectives.

Want To Transform The Way
Your Company Works?

Host ReclaimTime in the cloud on our secure servers, on your own private cloud, or even on-premises for ultimate data security.

Works with macOS, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.