Every Tool
Your Company Needs

To Take The Time Back!

Here are some of the proven tools we use to recapture employee time spent on websites, devices, and other applications.

Real-time Stats For Full Visibility Of Productive & Non-productive Work Time

What sites and applications do employees really spend their time on?
ReclaimTime comes with convenient reports for data-driven insights (for a single computer or even company-wide). With one glance you’ll know if employees are spending hours instead of minutes on emails, admin tasks, or social media. Track time spent at specific URLs, documents, writing vs. reading email, active vs. idle time and more!
Often all it takes is showing them the data to see instant behavioral corrections!

Automatic Scheduler So They

Don’t Have To Think About It

Unlike other focus apps that require the conscious decision to turn them on before work, ReclaimTime comes with a convenient Scheduler, putting better work habits on autopilot.
Plan your most productive blocks at certain times of the day or days of the week. Plan “focus sessions” or “work sprints” to get the whole team attacking the same goal all at once. Allow more freedom during off-work hours.
Employees can even use this feature to lock down devices at night for better sleep.

Stay Flexible With The Customizable Time Limiter

Sometimes it’s better to restrict site usage without blocking completely.
What if an employee needs to retain Facebook access in case of emergencies at home? Is YouTube a handy research tool during office hours?
The Time Limiter sets time limits on a distraction instead of cutting it off altogether. Define limits by the hour, day, week, or month so they can access a site or app as often as they think they’ll need to (but without ever getting too carried away).

Launch Limiter Caps

Frequency Of App Use

This unique feature limits how long an app can be opened, for how long, and the time that must pass before opening again.
For example, launch limiters can restrict email use to three times a day, for a max of 15 minutes per session, with 3-hour breaks in between uses. Some industries do require more email management than others, but most of us still have room for improvement!
Apply launch limits to any app or website you choose.

Pomodoro Timer For Blocks Of Pure Unfiltered Focus

The Pomodoro Technique is a popular productivity hack that revolutionizes the way staff get things done… and it’s built directly into ReclaimTime software. Simple, adjustable timers chunk time into a rhythmic pattern of deep work and much-needed rest… while ensuring breaks never go far off track.
Traditional Pomodoros use 25-minute blocks with 5-minute breaks, but users can adjust as needed. Show workers how to turn it on for uninterrupted focus and watch them clear work off their plates faster than ever before!

“Wild Card Allow” And “Whitelist”

Options For Important Exceptions

One of the best ways to put ReclaimTime to immediate practical use is removing access to the internet (or even an entire device) completely. However, sometimes employees still need access to certain websites or apps. Maybe they’re waiting for an important message, need to do a little research, or have to log into an important company tool to carry out their roles.
The “whitelist” feature retains access to important sites or apps they need for work even while everything else is blocked.

Instant Blocking:
No Need To Restart Or Reactivate!

ReclaimTime makes improved habits a no-brainer. Employees don’t have to restart browsers or clear the cache when setting up new rules. All it takes is 2 minutes to be up and running. And even restarting won’t reset the clocks.
With the right settings, productive behavior becomes non-negotiable! Managers can even set the software to protect itself from sneaky uninstalls...

Different Levels Of Security Prevent
“Rules” From Being Paused Or Edited

No two people have the same needs for online tech, and everyone has their own biggest “problem distraction.” That’s why ReclaimTime allows users to decide the difficulty level for stopping, pausing, or editing a “rule” once it is set up.



Random Password Generator

This neat feature allows users to stop or change “rules” by entering a long string of random characters. Great for websites you want to limit but might need to access in a pinch.
Set the random password generator to as many characters as you wish (up to 2000).
While users can technically still get in, sometimes all it takes is a small barrier to entry to make them think twice about whether they really need to cheat.



Custom Password Options

This option creates another simple barrier to entry that makes employees think twice before opening (even when they know the password). However, there are other options for making the password feature even more foolproof….
Provide the password only to a team manager, for example… or file it away to be accessed when needed. Employees who manage their own ReclaimTime “rules” can even have a friend or spouse set a password and keep it a secret until absolutely needed.



Forced Focus Mode!

The “Force Mode” makes it virtually impossible to edit, pause, or stop a rule once it’s up and running. Be careful with this feature because there’s really no going back.
Use “Force Mode” to lock down a particularly destructive distraction for a week or a month (to test it out or take a break)...or even forever…You can also just use it on computers designated for specific types of work.
This feature is truly unique to ReclaimTime!

Reboot & Uninstall Protection Makes ReclaimTime VERY Difficult To Hack!

This software includes the most robust defenses on the market. Worried about tech-savvy employees taking on loopholes in ReclaimTime’s design?
ReclaimTime always “remembers” the rules and keeps a running tab of usage… even if the computer is restarted or rebooted. Your most technical staff will struggle to find a way in once they are locked out.
In extreme cases, the software can be set to prevent itself from EVER being uninstalled.

The Most Customizable
Work Productivity Tool On The Market!

The options for tailoring this software for your team’s needs are virtually endless.

ReclaimTime Is All In The Cloud

So It’s Perfect for Coordinating Remote Teams!
Keep the software in the cloud and it becomes the perfect choice for team management at a distance. Organize your remote users into groups and assign ReclaimTime plans (or allow them to create their own).
All data transmits automatically when their computers go online, and the admin can view users or group activity and compile reports on overall productivity.
ReclaimTime can even be used to manage teams across different time zones.

Experience The Efficiency Of A
Team With All Eyes On The Ball!

Host ReclaimTime in the cloud on our secure servers, on your own private cloud, or even on-premises for ultimate data security.

Works with macOS, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.