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Professors all over the world are pulling out their hair in frustration… as students constantly scan Facebook feeds during lectures, watch reality TV while hitting the books, and film TikTok videos on breaks between classes.
Yes, even higher education is crumbling under the spell of digital media.

And the ever-increasing reliance on distance learning during Covid19 lays down a distraction minefield with the power to destroy any student’s future…

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University of Chicago
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The Glasgow School of Art
And many more...

How Do Distractions Hinder Academic Progress?

  • A survey of six different universities found students used phones in class an average of 11 times a day 1…. and another survey at Wilkes University revealed 92% of students send texts during class 2…
  • Those who procrastinate because of Facebook (when they should be focusing on important academic projects) experience higher levels of anxiety 3…
  • Students usually brag about being great multi-taskers, but research shows just the presence of cellphones and laptops is closely linked to lower test scores 4…
  • According to the Journal of Media Education, students waste an entire fifth of their classroom time on non-school activities on their devices 5….
  • The Clinical Psychological Science Journal reports that excessive smartphone and social media use among adolescents correlates with depression and higher rates of suicide 6…
  • Full-on internet addictions can spark debilitating cycles of procrastination it feels impossible to escape…

ReclaimTime Can Help Your Students:

Improve their grades and perform better on tests!
Finish school faster and save on educational costs!
Resist the temptation of video games, social media, and adult sites!
Prepare for the challenges of higher education!
Learn the necessary skills for a better career!
Maintain a happier, healthier elationship with digital technology!


Listen, Most Students Wish They Could Shape Up…
But digital habits are notoriously hard to break. The smartest software developers constantly brainstorm new ways to keep young minds consuming information more frequently and for longer periods of time. It’s their entire business model!
On top of that, young people are especially susceptible to FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out).
When they’re constantly glued to Instagram and Facebook feeds, where everyone puts their personal highlight reel on display, FOMO spirals out of control. Who can resist one peek, right?

One Solution Is To Install ReclaimTime

On School Computers

However, most students have multiple devices of their own. Plus, when it comes to our youth, prohibition of any kind often backfires. Schools that try banning digital tech find students don’t react well to bans, which can almost “challenge” the most tech-savvy of them to break the rules or even turn educators into enemies rather than allies.
So while ReclaimTime is great for this type of thing, there may be a better answer...

Put Productivity In THEIR Hands.

Yes, just give them tools to fight back!
With over 50,000 users, our software has a long track record of helping remote workers, office employees, and students build a much better relationship with technology.
The greatest gift you can give your student body is allowing them to install it on their devices and teach them how to get more done.

Those who take advantage of this powerful software will experience:

An increased capacity to achieve personal and career goals!
Healthy, efficient work habits for staying productive in any environment!
The ability to set and achieve their most desired goals!
Improved mood, life skills, and overall satisfaction!
Patterns of deep focus and powerful techniques for getting things done!
Better grades, higher achievements, and a track record of success!

Here’s The Really Good News:

These Behaviors Wire The Brain For Better Long-Term Habits

Digital distraction doesn’t just hurt performance; it actually changes the brain. Yes, a constantly wandering mind plus repetitive pleasure-seeking and “info-snacking” slowly but surely change the way students think, adapt, and solve problems in all areas of life.
In this same way, students who use ReclaimTime to practice better habits begin rewiring neural pathways for more focus and self-control. Users report that their study and work skills get far better even after they stop using the software!
In a world where the ability to focus is scarce… these students can then leave college with the skills to rise to the top in any industry.

Ready To Give Your Students The Tools For Life Success?

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